Delight real customers. Prevent losses from fraud & cybercrime.

Create frictionless signup with automated identity verification. Continuously monitor for suspicious activity with real-time alerts.

How we delight you & your customers:

  • Single click KYC verification cuts onboarding time in half

  • Super simple setup; no integration costs

  • Real-time monitoring of new compliance risks with AI

Always stay compliant, even when you're on vacation.

Endpass automatically analyzes your customers’ documents and information to verify their identities with global databases.

Our AI-powered data normalization and advanced validation logic has 250% higher match accuracy, giving you world-class compliance with far less manual work.

Unlike most compliance solutions that only check sanctions lists during registration, we continuously monitor all lists to ensure none of your customers are violating sanctions or anti money laundering laws.

Smart automation means smoother customer onboarding, happier customers, and lower costs for your business.

Unlike fraudsters, the identities of valid customers don’t change.

We know you have to verify your customers’ identities to meet KYC and AML requirements, but complicated registration processes could be costing you customers.

According to Deloitte, 37% of financial customers will abandon signup if they feel onboarding takes too long. And over a quarter of customers pick financial institutions based on ease of enrollment and sign in.

With Endpass, financial customers upload their documents for identity validation just once. After that, they can securely share their information to register or sign in with any Endpass-integrated institutions with a single click.

This means:

  • Reducing customer friction for a faster onboarding process
  • Way less back and forth with your support team
  • Cutting onboarding costs
  • Lower abandonment during registration process
  • Happier customers with higher NPS scores
  • Higher verification accuracy
  • Stronger fraud and risk protection for your institution

We also offer secure Single Sign On options with Endpass. Learn more

The case for true automation in financial compliance

When was the last time you looked at the sanctions list?

The data is unstructured and full of inconsistent formatting, creating a recipe for inaccuracy and mistakes.

  • Advanced Data Science powered by AI

    While most solutions fail to account for these issues, Endpass’ AI both normalizes the data and applies advanced validation logic, giving you the highest degree of certainty that you haven’t accidentally missed something.

  • Eliminationg expensive false negatives

    Not only does true automation allow for a smoother customer onboarding experience, it also protects your business from potential fines or government enforcement actions that could come from inaccurate checks.

Great security shouldn't be complicated to use or setup

Why not fortify your company’s security while making it easier for users to sign in or register with the option to use Endpass Single Sign On?

Learn more about the benefits and how easy it is to install our API

Our mission against global fraud and cybercriminals:

Fraud and cybercrime are becoming more rampant than ever.

We believe better identity verification and more secure data storage practices are the key to defeating fraud.

That’s why we built a digital identity verification platform powered by the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to help financial institutions and other businesses ensure their customers are who they say they are.

As our AI reviews documents and detects instances of fraud, it develops “digital fingerprints” that can be used to correlate, and eventually pinpoint fraudsters and forgers at their original source, stopping cybercrime in its tracks.

Join us in the fight against global fraud