Finally, an Ethereum and token wallet you'll be delighted to use.

Endpass is a web wallet that puts your in control of your keys, secures your funds, and automatically optimizes transactions.

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Self-Sovereign Identity
Automatic transaction fee optimization Resend stuck transactions with one click.

Don't worry about choosing the right gas price. Simply choose a priority level for your transaction and the wallet's prediction algorithms will select the optimal gas price. If a transaction does get stuck, you can resend it with a higher fee or cancel it in one click.

Self-Sovereign Identity
Automatic token detection Instantly discover all tokens in your wallet.

Endpass Wallet automatically tracks all tokens at any Ethereum address, and notifies you of any incoming funds. Never miss an airdrop again!

Self-Sovereign Identity
Encrypted cloud backups Back up your encrypted wallet to our secure cloud, or to your own server.

Your private keys are first encrypted on your local computer, and then synced to our secure cloud. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest at all times.

Because the wallet is built on a open protocol, you can also sync wallets to a server that you control.

Self-Sovereign Identity
Your keys belong to you Manage all your accounts from one place. Export private keys any time.

Create and import as many accounts as you like. Endpass is a standards-compatible HD wallet, so your keys can all be recovered from the same seed phrase.

Export your private keys to cold storage or another wallet any time.

Self-Sovereign Identity
Works in any modern browser Sync your wallet to all your devices. No software to download.

Endpass Wallet uses innovative technology to secure your private keys without needing to download any software or browser extensions.

Because it is a web wallet, it works seamlessly on all of your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Self-Sovereign Identity
Bank-grade security Multi factor security built in

Your funds are always protected by multiple layers of security, including two factor authentication, email confirmation, and more. Endpass is a fully decentralized wallet. We never have access to your funds.

Self-Sovereign Identity
Community-driven open source 100% open source and open protocols

We believe in transparency, engaging with the community and standards-driven, open source development. All of the wallet code is available on Github to inspect.

The wallet is built on the brand-new Open Keystore Protocol, an easy to way to use your own key server with the wallet software.

Signing up for the Endpass wallet is fast and easy. It runs in your browser. There's no software to download and nothing to install.